Boracay is a paradise island in the Philippines

This small tropical island in the center of the Republic of the Philippines, 7 km long and 1 to 2.5 km wide, is famous for its beaches of extraordinary beauty throughout the world.

Boracay’s beaches are among the top five beaches in the world, and its White Beach is number one in the ranking of the American Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Beach lovers definitely need to visit here at least once in their lives.

The fabulous beaches of Boracay

Why did the beaches of Boracay Island get such worldwide fame? The secret is in the coral white sand, which practically does not heat up in the sun, it is pleasant to walk on it barefoot. The consistency of this velvety sand is similar to flour.

A paradise vacation in Boracay is provided by the seas washing the island. The water in them is warm, clean, clear and turquoise.

Dozens of species of corals live in it and colorful tropical fish swim. This whole idyll is bordered by the lush nature of the tropics – palm trees leaning over the sand create a natural shadow over the beach.

Boracay is a popular resort in the Philippines.

All Boracay hotels are located along the beach strip. The most fashionable of them stand away from the common beaches, on the shores of private bays. In the evenings, the beaches turn into seaside restaurants serving fresh fish and other seafood.

From White Beach Boracay, a promenade begins with a wide variety of shops and bars. Here the nightlife is seething and the whole party of the island gathers. Shopping in Boracay will also please, because there is the largest selection of souvenirs in the Philippines.

What to do in Boracay?

Boracay Island can satisfy the desires of any tourist. For lovers of relaxation and spa treatments, a variety of services are offered. Those who prefer active holidays in Boracay are offered diving and kite surfing, surfing.

Also on the island of Boracay you can rent a boat, go sailing, feel the excitement of deep sea fishing and find all other water activities in Boracay.

Get to know the exotic nature of tropical nature: visit waterfalls, visit a cave with bats, a butterfly garden and a reserved mangrove forest.

Other sights of Boracay: museums that store historical values, artistic masterpieces of China, which echo the history of this wonderful place.

By purchasing a tour to Boracay, you will get the most vivid impressions of a sea beach holiday! Last minute tours to Boracay and the selection of the best hotels in the Philippine Islands will help make your vacation unforgettable. Take the chance, make your dream of visiting a paradise island come true!


The attraction of Boracay is the bazaar, where you can buy a variety of summer things inexpensively, but the main thing here is the shops with handicrafts made of wood and shells. Masks, figurines, utensils are very original, they convey the uniqueness of this country.

The attraction of Boracay is Pasay – Lopez Memorial Museum, “Chocolate Mountains” with the famous Baklion Church. The island of Boracay is a real pearl of the Philippines, but to get to it, you must first drive along the island of Kalibo, which means “Butterfly”.

This is a real tropical paradise surrounded by palm trees and rice fields. Along the road are small Filipino villages, the main features of which are carabao buffaloes, a palm tree hut and cockfights on Sundays. In the shops you can buy handicrafts made of wood and shells, masks, figurines, utensils.

Dead forest

The so-called “dead forest” on the southern edge of Balabag beach attracts tourists with its romance. A few decades ago, the salt water of the ocean flooded the plantations and the entire forest died.

You can take great photos here. Old beliefs tell mysterious stories about supernatural forces in these places, especially at night during the full moon.

Mount Laho is the highest place on the island, 100 m above sea level. At the top of the mountain there is a small cafe where you can quench your thirst with soft drinks, relax in a hammock. You can get there by motorcycle.

Shell Museum on Ilig-Iligen Beach. This private museum exhibits a rich collection of sea shells of various sizes and shapes.

Bat caves are located on the rocky coast, in the eastern part of the island. It is the home of cave bats and fruit-eating giant mice with a wingspan of up to 4 feet in length. At night, they fly to the coast to hunt for fruit.

Thrill-seekers, usually accompanied by local village kids, can follow the trail to the caves and watch the mice sleep during the day.

“Puka Shell Beach” – the beach, stretching for 800 meters in the northern part of the island, is famous for its shells.
Cagban beach. Located in the eastern part of the island, ideal for snorkeling and treasure hunting. According to legend, several treasure chests are hidden in the numerous caves along the coast.

The Glorio and Roberto Tirol Museum is a private museum on White Beach showcasing China’s historical heritage and artistic values, closely intertwined with the history of the island. The museum is open from 9-00 to 21-00, admission is free.

The main attraction of Boracay is a 4-kilometer coastal strip of wonderful white sand, because of which Boracay is considered one of the best beach resorts in the world.

Due to its color, the sand remains cool even under the scorching sun. The sunsets in Boracay are magnificent; in terms of the richness of the palette, they can only be compared with the unbridled fantasy of an impressionist artist.

Coconut palms growing in a row protect the island from strong winds. After sunset, the coast turns into a local Broadway, filled with a festive crowd, busy looking for a suitable place for leisure.