The most beautiful islands in the world

Seychelles archipelago

Location: in the Indian Ocean, east of the African continent, the Seychelles archipelago is located, with one hundred and fifteen islands. Of these, only thirty are inhabited.

One of the most beautiful and largest islands of the Seychelles is Mahe, covering an area of one hundred and fifty-seven square kilometers.

What is remarkable:

  • Wonderful, numerous, white sandy, wide beaches, among which Beau Vallon and Anse Takamaka are especially popular with tourists.
  • Mountain peaks and coral reefs.
  • The magnificent Seychelles Morne National Park with tropical forests and beaches.
  • Mahe Island of the Seychelles archipelago is a paradise for lovers of surfing, diving, yachting, sea fishing!
  • The stunningly beautiful capital of the Seychelles – Victoria, famous for its unique Creole architecture, crowded bazaars, where tourists are offered to buy fish, a variety of fruits and locally produced clothes.
  • Mahe is a favorite island for wedding ceremonies and exclusive beach holidays.

Island of the Hawaiian archipelago – Maui

Location: In the Pacific Ocean, its central part, there is an incredibly beautiful island of the Hawaiian archipelago – Maui, covering an area of ​​one thousand eight hundred eighty-four square kilometers.

What is remarkable:

  • On the island of Maui, the Haleakala National Park flaunts, occupying a vast territory.
  • Here is a three-kilometer Haleakala volcano, which is the highest point of the island.
  • Maui is famous for the tropics, stunning natural pools, fabulously beautiful waterfalls of the Oheo Gorge, which can be reached along the winding Hana Road, laid out in a picturesque area.
  • The island has a stunningly beautiful and popular beach, Kapalua, which has the shape of a crescent and stretches for almost fifty kilometers. The cape protects the beach area from strong currents. It is of volcanic origin.
  • Maui attracts tourists with walks on the craters, sunbathing on the sands – white, red and black.
  • The island is an excellent place for surfing and windsurfing.
  • From here it is possible to get to the island of Molokini by catamaran. where a tourist can dive under water with a mask, snorkel, scuba gear.
  • Maui is a crater rising from the depths of the sea. Thanks to this, the aquatic and animal world is extremely rich here.
  • The island of Maui is famous for its magnificent golf courses, excellent cuisine, and winemaking developed at a high level.


Where it is located: Viti Levu is the largest island in the Fiji archipelago, consisting of over three hundred islands. Viti Levu is located in the Pacific Ocean.

What is remarkable:

  • A wide variety of hotels located on the coast, at a considerable distance from each other (both fashionable and cheap).
  • A huge selection of entertainment for every taste and budget! In Viti Levu, tourists are offered diving and snorkeling, water sports. Here you can visit a sauna and a spa complex, a restaurant, enjoy an incredible spectacle – dancing on hot coals, take part in cruises – with dolphins and the Blue Lagoon, go to the uninhabited island of Brownty, to the Sand Dunes, get acquainted with the life of the Polynesians, skimp on the famous market in Luatok.
  • The main resort area on the coast is the Coral Coast, which stretches for a hundred kilometers (at a distance of about twenty kilometers south of the city of Nadi).
  • The island is famous for its bizarre landscapes, magnificent beaches with numerous palm trees, transparent lagoons and fabulously beautiful coral reefs.
  • On the island of Viti Levu is the main airport of international importance of the state of Fiji.
  • From here you can get to any corner of the archipelago by motor boat, ship, corn plane.
  • The island boasts the largest cities of Fiji – Suva, which is the capital, and Lautoka, which is considered the second largest sugar town in Fiji. Also here are the famous cities – Nadi (“gate of the country”), Sigatoka (a place with incredible sand dunes), as well as Rakiraki and Navua.

Boracay Island

Location: Boracay Island is located in the central part of the Philippines, covers an area of ​​just over ten square kilometers, belongs to the Visayas. Its length is only seven kilometers.

From the side of White Beach, the island is washed by the Sulu Sea, and Bulabog Beach is washed by the Sibuyan Sea.

What is remarkable:

  • Boracay is a cozy island resembling a butterfly in its shape.
  • The island is so small that you can travel around it on a motorcycle and even on a bicycle, and the most enduring tourists bypass it on foot.
  • Unusual beaches with multi-colored sand cover stretch here. Boracay is famous for Yapak Beach with white seashells, as well as the four-kilometer-long “White Beach” with its indescribable beauty, sunsets, palm trees, bars and restaurants, and the secluded Balingay Beach, which is chosen by newlyweds for a romantic honeymoon. Water sports enthusiasts have chosen Bulabog Beach, and introverts have chosen the wild Pukka
  • Beach. In total, there are twelve beaches on the island of Boracay.
    In Boracay, on Mount Luho, there is an observation deck that offers a fantastically beautiful panorama of the island.
  • The coastal waters of the island are rich in coral reefs and diverse fauna and flora.
  • In Boracay, there is the famous Talipapa market, where you can buy unique handmade souvenirs – figurines, products made from sea shells, bracelets, bags.
  • In Boracay, you can find “dead forests” and caves with their inhabitants – bats, as well as gardens with incredibly beautiful butterflies of different colors.
  • Boracay is an ideal place for windsurfing, water skiing, diving and snorkeling.
  • Boracay is a resort characterized by a calm and clean, algae-free sea only in November and December, March and April.
  • The hottest months in Boracay are April, May, June. During this period, the temperature mark is kept at +38 degrees Celsius. The rest of the time, the air temperature ranges from + 25 to + 32 degrees Celsius.
    The main form of transport on the island of Boracay is tricycles.